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A couple of posts back, I shared some thoughts on a debate I’d had with someone about the Bible. I completely forgot to add that I also think that the New Testament does not tell the complete story of Yahushua’s (aka Jesus’) mortal life. Let me retract the “I think” part of that statement. Factually, it is not a complete story considering that it tells nothing about Him as teenager or a young adult.

I also disagree with people who say that whatever it does not contain is not important. For me, everything that the Messiah did– every move He made and every word He spoke was important. Knowing this information just may also help in contextualizing a lot of what He taught.

One big question, which has caused many a great debate is the subject of whether or not he had a romantic relationship with a woman. Most have heard the rumors and speculations about a romantic relationship with Mary of Magdala (aka Mary Magdalene), which has never been proven, but has often caused controversy and strife among many.

There have even been a number of debates as to whether or not Yahusha had female disciples. Again, Mary of Magdala’s name comes up quite a bit in these conversations.

Well, while I don’t know whether He ever had an intimate relationship with a woman or even if He truly ever had female disciples. Neither would surprise me, though. I mean, come on, He was fully human (as much as He is divine) and wasn’t it God who said that it was not good that man should be alone? So, why would Yahushua not take a wife?

The following NY Times article caught my eye today since it relates to this very subject. According to the article, an ancient document (its authenticity is still in question) makes reference to Him having a wife, as well as having a female disciple:

Historian Says Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife

Some will become angry at the mere suggestion, whether it’s true or not. Others, myself included, will not only wonder about its authenticity, but will also hope that it is true. Why? Well, in part, because it would just make sense for a thirty-something year old man to have a wife (I mean no disrespect in case He didn’t), but it may also open the door to more “discoveries” as to how He handled marriage, in general. (In case you don’t know, I wrote a book on Marriage, which is a subject that I find to be fascinating.)

Back to my earlier point, though, there is too much that isn’t known about the Bible’s writers, its subjects and those who organized the New Testament for me to regard it as a 100% true text, which I should follow to a tee. Think about it, a lot was written about Yahushua during His physical ministry, yet the majority of the NT is written by people who never met Him in the flesh. He had 12 disciples (maybe more, but let’s just roll with that number for now), but where are their writings? Heck, for that matter, if Yahushua wanted us to have a NT Bible, why didn’t He write (or commission the writing of) it Himself? Or did He and His disciples write things that never made it into the text?


I don’t know the answers to these questions, I just know that it doesn’t add up. Which brings me to more questions. Like did those charged with creating a New Testament have an agenda? How did they determine what made it in and what would never be seen by future generations? Who selected them to be the decision makers in this project? Did any of this come from God the Father? Were there political motivations? I can go on for days, but you get my point.

As I said in the previous point, when all is said and done none of this has any bearing on my faith. None. I believe in God the Father, His Son the Messiah and the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe that Yahushua died due to our sinfulness and that our faith in Him (who He is, what He taught and what He modeled throughout His ministry…which is why ALL details of His life are important) is what saves us from eternal condemnation. I believe that He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and that He will return again. Can’t recall if I said this in my last post or not, but I believe in the red letter portions of the Bible without question.

Just wish we had more of the whole picture and not what someone thousands of years ago decided we should know while stifling other writings.

And I won’t even touch on the fact that the text that we DO have is actually a translation of a translation. Ever heard of lost in translation? Couple that with a lot of what we misinterpret just by sheer ignorance about cultural context and reading into scripture what we (or some teacher) think something means.

I’ve got work to do, so I have to end it here, but I found the NY Times article rather interesting and it reminded me of a few things I forgot to add in my last rambling. I’m in rush now, so should anyone ever discover this blog, lol, please excuse an errors.



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