Monthly Archives: July 2010



We had an earthquake the day before yesterday. Call me crazy, but it seems like everything has been just a little “off” ever since then. It’s not a physical event that I can see, but it’s an atmospheric change. I’ll call it Spiritual.

I asked my husband if he felt it and, surprisingly, he said he did. He even went on to relate a few odd occurrences that he’d given pause to. Of course, he didn’t relate it to the earthquake…that’s all me…lol. But I was still a bit taken aback to find that he agreed with me that something appears to be up. Normally, he just sort of nods or sits in total silence while I ramble about these things. I imagine he thinks I’m a bit crazy sometimes, but I don’t mind that at all. Shoot, he might even be right. 🙂

My mother, of course, totally agreed with me. She went beyond my earthquake explanation, however, and clear to a solar eclipse that she says just occurred (Or was it a lunar? I’ll have to check.). she and I share a gene that makes us a little “odd” in the way that we think about these things, so I’m not at all surprised that she sensed it, too.

Don’t know if this change is connected to the earthquake, but yesterday was just a continuous chain of “odd” events. I won’t go into detail here, but it’s almost like observing a movie where an adventure is spurred by these seemingly random events that just don’t stop.

I’m enjoying the journey. Watching life unfold before me is quite inspiring. I know who’s in control and I’m curious to know what this is all leading to.

Eyes wide open. We’ll see what’s next.