Made in China…Pass!


Watched Kundun last night, which is the story of the 14th Dalai Lama from just before he was discovered as a very young child until his exile from Tibet in 1959. Though I was already quite familiar with this version of events, it was quite an experience seeing it dramatized on film.  Not counting any items I already own, I’ve decided that I won’t be purchasing anymore products that are made in China. I’m ashamed that I haven’t done this sooner. I just believe that dollars are akin to a vote. They say, “I support you” or “I need you” to a degree. As such, I neither support, nor wish to rely upon any government that forcefully commandeered a peaceful country, forced children to pull gun triggers on their own parents, forced priests and nuns to fornicate in the streets and who have gone to such great lengths to suppress an entire culture.

Nope. Can’t do it.

Hopefully, my silent protest will add weight to the millions of others whose hearts became convicted long before my own.

When Tibet is free and when the Dalai Lama is able to return to the place of his birth, I may resume purchasing items made in China. Until then…


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