Is It Really Love?


Is it really love if you only love those whom you deem deserving? Is love a gift or is it repayment for good behavior?

I ask this based on someone making a point about being loving towards those who deserve it. Certainly, those who are good to us and to the world, in general, should be appreciated, but isn’t loving them a little too easy?

Most people believe in some form of organized religion. And most of these teach adherents to love one another…unconditionally. Often, though, we apply our own conditions anyway. We expect people to earn our love by being loving, themselves. But what about when they aren’t?

I like the ideas that Yahushua (aka Jesus) taught about loving enemies and forgiving those who use us. I struggle with doing these things, but I believe in my soul that it is right to strive for such. I believe that love not only forgives, but spreading it, unconditionally, is peace. Making a special effort to love those labeled unlovable is a high calling, which changes not only the person giving the love, but the one receiving it. And even when they reject it, we should love anyway.

I often remind myself that hurt people hurt people. This comes to mind when I hear of heinous acts committed by the so-called unlovable. In the absence of love, hate and apathy takes root. After these have destroyed the inner-person, they go about seeking to destroy others. Only love, only the selfless acts of kindness we offer to others can stop this.

My point is that we may not like some people’s actions, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if we actively seek ways to love everyone anyway.

Loving friends, family and the Mother Teresa types is easy. Let’s all take the challenge to love enemies, strangers and those that are a little rough around the edges, too, shall we?


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  1. Wise words. Many of us are drawn toward ‘easy’ love because it’s easy. In today’s society many people are focused on ‘the quick & the easy’. If more people chose to challenge themselves and focus on the ‘harder’ love i wonder how the world would be or how it would change. You know?

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