Surpise Motivations


Today, I had an unexpected visitor. On the one hand, I was happy to see this person, but on the other, I had work to do and wasn’t up for casual conversation. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of being self-employed and working at home is that others don’t always “get it”. To many, I’m just home all day and available to talk on the telephone or for friendly visits.

This person was kind enough to call before coming over, which I appreciate mostly because it gave me time to adjust my attitude. Instead of being annoyed, I decided that I would accept that the visit was going to happen and I would be open and fully present during our time together.  Of course, I could have told the person that it was a bad time, I was busy, blah, blah, blah. But this person has been struggling with a few issues, sees me as inspiring and has tried to arrange a face-to-face visit for weeks. Sometimes compassion and appreciation for what others see in you is worth taking time out to recognize and appreciate.

However, I still had work to do. I was really behind schedule, if you want to know the truth. Primarily, this was due to my own procrastination and weakness for distractions, but it was nonetheless true.

So the person came and I fought the inclination to feel antsy or rushed and, instead, fully opened myself to the visit. After about 30 or 40 minutes, however, my guest began to feel rather tired (she suffers from a chronic illness) and asked if she could lie down for a moment. Of course, I obliged. And, somehow, with her snoozing while snuggled into my over-sized chair and ottoman, I found a burst of energy and dove, head first, into a few of the pressing projects I’d been procrastinating on earlier.

So, what I could have taken as an annoying interruption, actually spurred me into action. I was able to get more accomplished in the couple of hours that she spent visiting (where at least one hour included a nap), than the preceding hours that I had spent distractedly avoiding tasks that I knew I needed to complete.

Sometimes the motivation to do what is right and necessary comes from the strangest of places, huh?


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